Saturday, August 4, 2018

Starting on the Path to Beauty

We are often asked when we first started designing jewelry and clothing.  The simple truth is we were around lovely things all of our  lives, the creative process of design seemed to have just naturally blossomed.
Coming from L.A. county, our mother was an interior decorator and we grew up exploring
antique stores with her, watching as something old, worn and discarded was transformed into something beautiful.  You would walk into a room she designed and feel as though you were transported to another time.

I think that really was where our love of old world charm began.  From my earliest memories, I had an ardor for both the classical ballet and the desire to sew beautiful clothes.  All I wanted to do was dance and sketch, upon many sketches of the dresses and outfits I felt were becoming to a woman.

Growing up in L.A., the fantasy and whimsical world of Hollywood influences your creative senses.  Films, especially old movies (thank you Turner Classic Movies) was a favorite pastime.  My grandmother was a singer and entertainer in Hollywood during the 1940s and 1950s and she shared her love affair of films from her day with us.

Although, I have a soft spot for Deanna Durbin pictures, would sit on the edge of my seat watching a Hitchcock classic, I think the two of us girls took after our mother's penchant for French Art Nouveau to the 1920s

Those really are my favorite time periods in fashion and design, however, as I was getting older my appreciation for the textile workmanship of Victorian and Edwardian lace and textiles beguiled me.

New Handmade Blouses and Jewelry added to our online Boutique at

Now as designers, our collection of beautiful fabrics and vintage pieces find themselves hand worked, salvaged and re-invented into something that can be treasured and adored by a new generation that love the glamour and romance of the past.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July Jubilee!

One the many fun ways to enjoy the summer months, is having ideal weather to wear gorgeous clothes!

Soft, diaphaneous lines and silky gossamer textures are all beautiful for the warmer seasons.  Additionally, with so many wedding receptions, garden parties and festivities to enjoy during the spring and summer months, finding reasons to Glam up is so much easier!!

We love romantic and vintage inspired clothes, we love them so much we design them and the accessories to go with them!  Besides loving to hand make each piece we offer, we design pieces that we would want to wear, in fact that is how it all started.

We are inspired by 1920's vintage romantic fashion. We also love all of the beautiful embellishment on Victorian and Belle Epoque couture.  When we started designing and wearing our work out, other people would stop us, wanting to know where we got our clothing and jewelry.  We have met so many amazing people who were otherwise strangers, just because they stopped us on the streets! Now we hand make and design unique garments and jewelry for friends and our dear customers alike!  We opened our new Online boutique and enjoy connecting with so many beautiful and interesting artists from all over the world!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ethereal Glamour - The Fantasy of Day Dreaming

I remember the first time we saw the 1935 classic "A Midsummer's Night Dream" with Olivia De Havilland and Dick Powell, I was left completely intrigued by the ethereal fantasy in art and costuming for the film.

Of all the set decorations and costuming created for this story, for us, this particular film, epitomized the enchanting fantasy of sequins, lighting and the enigma of black and white cinematography.

There is a sort of shimmering delicacy, swathed in tulle and sheer iridescence, glimmering in lights and dainty romantic nuances - Ethereal fantasy has a distinct kind of glamour all of its own.

Dreamy and ambrosial, with misty ideas of far-away tales, such images conjure up bemused fantasies and inspire the creative. For me, collecting snippets of ideas, images and photographing my take of this 'daydreaming' luminescence aids in our own interpretation of fantasy story telling.

I believe those pretty fantasies should come out in a practical way - which is why our creative work references our own take of this ethereal glamour.