Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Jubilee!

One the many fun ways to enjoy the summer months, is having ideal weather to wear gorgeous clothes!

Soft, diaphaneous lines and silky gossamer textures are all beautiful for the warmer seasons.  Additionally, with so many wedding receptions, garden parties and festivities to enjoy during the spring and summer months, finding reasons to Glam up is so much easier!!

We love romantic and vintage inspired clothes, we love them so much we design them and the accessories to go with them!  Besides loving to hand make each piece we offer, we design pieces that we would want to wear, in fact that is how it all started.

We are inspired by 1920's vintage romantic fashion. We also love all of the beautiful embellishment on Victorian and Belle Epoque couture.  When we started designing and wearing our work out, other people would stop us, wanting to know where we got our clothing and jewelry.  We have met so many amazing people who were otherwise strangers, just because they stopped us on the streets! Now we hand make and design unique garments and jewelry for friends and our dear customers alike!  We offer some of our pieces on etsy and enjoy connecting with so many beautiful and interesting women from all over the world!


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