Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Romantic Vintage Inspired Fashion

When we were little girls, we were taught that both Classic and Romantic style clothing could always be added to a  wardrobe, and that these styles never went out of fashion.

When designing our range of clothing and accessories, we take that very same premise.  Each piece we design is artfully hand crafted and made with the thought of becoming heirloom items.

Our Romantic Vintage Collection is our most dreamy, feminine and ethereal line.  We derive inspiration from everything that is delicate and evokes a keepsake quality.

We dream up fanciful ideas and design while in very contemplative and imaginative moods.  Inspired by dainty pink ballet slippers, feminine Southern Belles, pretty little  cameos, beautiful rose blossoms and a lot of delicate lace!

Beautiful soft tones and a color palette of soft pastels is then infused in these designs.  That delicate quality helps create a morning glow and story book ambiance.  Vintage inspired clothing, blouses and skirts can then be mixed and matched to create a romantic style.

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